TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation

The journal of the

Consortium of State Organizations for Texas Teacher Education

ISSN: 2474-3976

TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation provides a venue for discussion and analysis of Texas educator preparation issues. The journal serves to disseminate research, best practices, and professional application. Articles may have a research, practitioner, or professional focus. Proposed manuscripts undergo a double-blind review process and must be previously unpublished.

Click here for our TxEP: Texas Educator Preparation web page to find our publication and related resources.

TxEP Call for Manuscripts: Deadlines- March 1, 2020 (first round) & May 1, 2020 (second round)
Annually published online at www.csotte.com/txep.

Interested in serving on the Editorial Team?  TxEP is looking for an Associate Editor for 2020.  For more information, see the Call for Editorial Team

The Texas Forum of Teacher Education

The journal of the

Association of Texas Educators     

(A CSOTTE member)

ISSN: 2166-0190

The goal of the Texas Forum of Teacher Education is to promote scholarship regarding campus-based and field-based Teacher Education in Texas. Proposed manuscripts undergo a blind review process and must be unpublished and not in review with other publications. TXATE members, including graduate students, are encouraged to submit manuscripts. Authors must be active TXATE members as a condition for publication.

Click here for the Texas Forum web page to find the publication and related resources. 

Forum Call for Manuscripts: Deadline- June 14, 2019
Annually published online at www.txate.org/Forum.

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