EDICUT - Education Deans of Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas

Organization Objectives:

To enhance the basic philosophy underlying the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas (ICUT):

* To provide leadership for the delivery of teacher education in private universities and colleges.

* To provide mutual cooperation in efforts to address issues and concerns specific to private universities and colleges.

* To increase public awareness and improve public perception of the preparation of educators in private universities and colleges

Be sure to attend the EDICUT meeting during the upcoming CSOTTE Conference on Sunday, October 20, 2019!

2020-2021 Officers


Neva Cramer

Schreiner University



Cindy Savage

Texas Christian University



Kylah Clark-Goff

Howard Payne University



Interim Treasurer:

Suzanne Nesmith

Baylor University


Each member college or university selects one outstanding pre-service teacher to receive the EDICUT Pre-service Teacher Award.  The student plaque is provided by EDICUT.


Please email Dr. Neva Cramer at Nvcramer@schreiner.edu to become a member or get involved!

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