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2019 CSOTTE Conference e-Program                             October 27-29, 2019

General Session I:  Sunday, 5:30-7:00 pm   

Conference Opening


Tim Sutton
​2019 CSOTTE Conference Chair


Awards Dinner


Texas Directors of Field Experience (TDFE)


Clinical Teacher of the Year Awards

These awards recognize student teachers who have demonstrated during their student teaching experience an outstanding ability to plan and develop a repertoire of classroom management skills and instructional strategies that support the needs and curriculum of all students; establish effective interpersonal relationships with students, parents, faculty, and staff; and reflect about the teaching and learning process.

2019 Recipients:



Texas Alternative Certification Association (TACA)



Intern of the Year Awards

It is a tradition of the Texas Alternative Certification Association to showcase the talent of alternatively prepared educators by selecting and honoring three outstanding individuals to receive Intern of the Year awards. The awards—a plaque and check, are presented at CSOTTE’s Annual Fall Teacher Education Conference. Recipients may also submit nomination packets to the National Association for Alternative Certification’s intern scholarship program.

2019 Recipients:



Texas Coordinators for Teacher Certification Testing (TCTCT)


Certification Testing Scholarships

2019 Recipients:



Friend of Teacher Education Award

CSOTTE presents the Friend of Teacher Education Award to recognize and reward individuals not officially connected with teacher preparation organizations and institutions, but who have made significant contributions toward improving the preparation of teachers in Texas.  The recipient will be an individual who has been supportive and positive toward the mission of the organizations of CSOTTE. The first Friend of Teacher Education award was presented at the 2006 Fall CSOTTE Conference on Teacher Education.
2019 Recipient: 


Texas Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (TACTE)

Robert B. Howsam Award

Robert B. Howsam, who was a former Dean of the College of
Education-University of Houston, was an acknowledged leader in education for many years and enjoyed a national and international reputation. He was best known for his advocacy of Competency Based Teacher Education, his dynamic leadership as a dean, and for his commitment to excellence in the preparation of educational professionals in Texas and the nation.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.


TACTE Annual Leadership Award

The TACTE Leadership Award is presented to one who is deserving of TACTE recognition for significant contributions to the educator preparation process in Texas.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.


Joyce Hardin Service Award

This award is presented for outstanding service to TACTE and the education profession.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.


Texas Association of Teacher Educators (TxATE)



Ted Booker Memorial Award

In 1971, Ted Booker, TSCTE President in 1969-1970 and Dean of the College of Education at Texas Woman's University, suggested that TSCTE (predecessor of TxATE) use surplus funds to establish an award for an outstanding contribution in the field of teacher education.  Because of his leadership in this area, and his untimely death in 1971, the Ted Booker Memorial Award was established in April 1972 at the TSCTE Spring Conference.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.

Ben E. Coody Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Coody served as the last President of the Texas Association for Student Teaching before the association became the Texas Association of Teacher Educators in 1971.  Shortly after completing his term as president, Dr. Coody met an untimely death in an automobile accident.  He was respected for his high code of ethics, his professional zeal, and his sincerity of purpose.
The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.


Quest for Quality Awards


Exemplary School Partnership Award, presented by TxATE

The exemplary K-12 partnerships award highlights what is done well at Texas universities, such as induction programs, or continuing professional development practices. Universities are invited to nominate K-12 Partnership initiatives designed both to prepare teacher candidates to excel and to improve K-12 Schools.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.


Exemplary Faculty Practices Award, presented by EDICUT
Awarded by EDICUT and TACTE

The nomination of exemplary faculty practices in teacher preparation is an opportunity to highlight quality in faculty innovation and creativity. This initiative is designed to highlight what is done well by identifying exemplary teacher preparation practices in schools of education and arts and sciences in Texas universities. Faculty are invited to submit artifacts with commentary to illustrate exemplary faculty practices they have designed that prepare teachers to excel.

The 2019 recipient will be announced at awards dinner.

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